For me the joy of painting, is that it is a pure form of relaxation.
When I’m painting, I forget my surroundings and time flies. I am able to let go of what ever was in my head and just go with the flow.

In 2007 I had my first painting lessons to familiarise myself with the art of painting.

As I visited museums I was always drawn to impressionistic paintings, especially those of my favourite painter, Claude Monet.

Due to its soft pastel colours, I followed an LOI course in water colouring. Although I now mostly paint with acrylic paint, the techniques I discovered I still apply today. Water and paint techniques like flow techniques, glazing and dripping techniques.

Due to circumstances I put pencils and canvas away for years. In April of 2017 I read an ad, to follow some trial courses in abstract painting with Marian Roymans. And that made me enthusiastic in painting again.

Abstract painting with acrylic paint gives me the freedom to express myself creatively.
Until the end of February 2019 I follow several courses in the subject.
After that started my own experimentation in various techniques and materials. That experimentation allowed me to discover my own style.

Currently I am in an art group, called ”Art Abstract”, together with Harry Habets, Sjany Heijsteck and Hein Pruppers.

We get together weekly to paint. This all in a relaxed, cozy and informal environment in which we can stimulate, influence and support each other.

My casting techniques are self-taught. A technique I discovered by watching You Tube movies. My technique in casting has evolved in such a way that it resulted in not only nice paintings, but also jewellery like earrings and necklaces. Upon request I can customize the jewellery in any colour scheme, no matter how rare.
The result is surprising and different. I am continuously discovering something new, and I like to challenge myself.

The results of this are shown in this overview.

Would you like to exchange thoughts or ideas, or like to have some more information, please contact me via the contact form.

I am looking forward to receiving your comments.